probably the last anime screenshot redraw I’ll make for the time being. took some extra liberties with this one because the original was framed a little awkwardly. It’s a bit difficult to find proper screenshots because the Bleach anime tends to pan all the frames, which means i rarely find any good full body poses.

wip please don’t reblog

wip please don’t reblog









My faith is my armour, my cause is my shield! I will fight, and pray for forgiveness later.

This took a good couple of hours to finish, maybe six or seven hours if you don’t count the hours i spent just looking at it.

I’m addicted to a certain kind of sadness, and that is making up scenarios where i pit my favorite characters against each other until they tear each other apart. This is also the second time I draw Sebastian snapping and ironically becoming the man he swore to hunt down.

As if this isn’t sad enough, @todisturbtheuniverse has added tags that make a heart break
#not-so-fun story#every time i see this art my entire body threatens to just stop working#i have tearful breakdowns while thinking about it#i imagine that the attack was a surprise#that hawke was hit first#a few quick shots to the back#and the champion of kirkwall stumbled and fell#and anders turned#fire already sparking at his fingertips#but he was too late and sebastian’s aim was true#and though hawke was hit first#he died last#still crawling toward anders#whose eyes were open and empty and fixed on the prince of starkhaven#and the prince momentarily feared that justice would rise and walk without anders to hold him back#but the eyes stayed empty#and sebastian knelt in the mud and the rain#to pray for the souls of the men who had once been family#and to pray for his own#because with their bodies beneath him those deaths did not feel like justice#i am making myself really sad i’m gonna stop


Anonymous asked: (n__n)


Anonymous asked: where on earth did you learn to draw like that????

  1. be 12 years old
  2. acquire anime
  3. watch 400+ episodes of said anime
  4. draw fanart every single day ever
  5. do so for 6 years

Anonymous asked: so, i'm on this school, where we stay all year (but not in the holidays ofc) and were grouped in teams, and each team/house has their own rules. unfortuantly i fell in love with this guy from another house and that's not acceptable because we're in different houses. I'm doing so well in school while he's such a douche with incredible slim blonde hair. so hot. problem is, i don't know whether i should approach him outside his house or i should break the rules or die. or even worse get expelled.

enter the triwizard tournament and try to impress him

you can ask me anything

I will be moving away from home this sunday. There’s this art school in Lillehammer (also known as Lilyhammer to some) where I’m going to stay until May. Changes are finally happening in my life, and it’s about damn time.

That being said, I may or may not leave without my mac, so proper art updates could get scarce. It depends on my dorm room, really (because my mac and equipment is huge and i’m not sure if i’ll even have an own desk there). Sooo there’ll probably be a few days of little activity, moving and settling in somewhere else.

I’ll update as events unfold.

despite how much i complain about how crappy my comic is.. some panels are golden

despite how much i complain about how crappy my comic is.. some panels are golden

CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID IT!!! ♥ i am sure it looks better than you think it does and remember that people won’t notice all the small mistakes you made, they will see awesome finished product :’D

awww thanks. UwU heh that is what i tell myself whenever i start to doubt myself.

I know that the story and idea of this comic is pretty good, but i also knew that it would be very difficult to actually make. There was a whole month of hiatus because i didn’t have a single clue how to draw page 4 to 10 and that’s when my whining started. It’s an unpleasant experience, but a really good thing to happen so early in my career.

I’m going to be 110% finished with my comic today omfg. It’s so bad, but I’m still so happy with the fact that i actually finished a 16 page lump of hard work on time. It looks terrible, but I’m still really cool with it all considering that this was my very first real project and how much experience i gained from doing it.


Someone please make a remix of Careless Whisper where everything is the same but the sax is switched out with Link’s screams


thatsarcasticsnake asked: AHHHHHH. I just found your blog yesterday and your art is so lovely! ;U; plus you seem to have a lot of love for Kyoraku and Ukitake and that makes me so happy.

Ohhhh thank you very much!!

That obvious huh? x) Yeah, I absolutely adore both of them so much it’s embarrassing!

I did another screenshot redraw exercise. Took a bit longer, but was still tons of fun. I might do another one of Ukitake next time.