I spilled paint on the table while painting today. I covered it up with more paint.

Just imagine a Tomb Raider/Uncharted/Indiana Jones crossover.

- Lara and Indiana investigating clues in an old library in Barcelona while Nate waits outside in the getaway car because he can’t be trusted to be inside an old building without tearing it down.
- Nate and Lara climbing a slippery 90 degree mountain wall using their hook axes and parkour and racing each other to the top, only to find old smug Indiana already at the top, sitting in a beach chair waiting for them (because he found an old gondola just hundred meters away)
- Indiana being too old to make a jump and has to be left behind when exploring ancient ruins, but he finds comfort knowing that Lara will make sure Nate doesn’t destroy anything
- Nate finding a valuable relic and running off when Indiana and Lara aren’t paying attention. He tries to sell it to some grey faced thug but Lara stops him just in time and convinces him to sell it to her instead so she can deliver it to a museum (so Indiana won’t get a heart attack)
- Indiana flying an old double decker plane and Nate sitting out back shooting at angry neo nazis
- Yeah what’s up with that
- All three of them has had some close contact with nazis at some point what’s up with that
- Indiana and Nate being all muscly and brawny trying to take down a big animal in the jungle but Lara ends up saving them both because she happened to pass by while hunting
- Indiana trying to cook food in the jungle but failing miserably. Disgruntled, Nate takes over and cooks the best pot roast that keeps them going for the next three days
- Nate introducing Indiana to Sully, only to discover that they already knew each other. Nate and Lara retreats to a back room and plays card for the rest of the evening while Sully and Indiana catch up with each other’s lives.
- Lara and Indiana showing up at Nate and Elena’s wedding. Lara being a bridesmaid and being beautiful with her long braided hair, gorgeous dress and arm and thigh muscles big enough to crush a man’s head. Indiana sits next to Sully at the table, sharing wild stories of his adventures.
- Indiana lying on his deathbed with Nate and Lara sitting next to him. He gives them his whip and fedora, saying that they both had earned it. The two of them refuse the gifts, saying the other deserves it more and it turns into a childish fight of “I don’t want it you can have it”. Indiana grows so pissed that he jumps out of bed to punch Nate in the jaw and lives for another ten years.
- Nate going away from the group during an expedition to explore some caverns. two hours later they hear a huge explosion in the distance and Indiana and Lara looks at each other like “oh my god Nathan Drake, again??!”
- Lara and Indiana running to save Nate from the rubble of the ruined caverns, patching him up and lovingly kissing the bruises and wrapping him in a warm blanket, and calling Sully and Elena to pick him up
- the tree of them lying by the campfire and telling each other stories of their adventures before falling asleep


pampelmusel asked: slowly she walked 58kms, waiting for the right man. after years and years of walking she found him right in the sewerage. "oh god" she taught, "i wouldn't have had to walk 34,6years in my life, just to find gandalf at my home"



perfect-nerd asked: her name was holly. Holly Oakhill; a girl who never needed anyone else and thought love was for chumps. Until she met....HIM.

[Insert picture of the effeminate lobster from Powerpuff girls here]


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Have another selfie because I finished reading all my comics and I’m bored and watching French tv to pass time

Have another selfie because I finished reading all my comics and I’m bored and watching French tv to pass time


Anonymous asked: How did you create the frozen thing? On ur phone or laptop?

I assume you are talking about that stupid gif I made during class a few months ago that’s has ridiculously many notes? That was made on my school laptop with an old as balls version of Photoshop (cs2).

The four yr old kid finally left

I want another game like Okami, only in Junji Ito’s style and lore

  • Bestemor: Ringenes Herre???? Fra Notre Dame????

There’s the most violent, showering thunderstorm in Nice right now. I love it

I started reading young avengers and I love it

I put on my headset and then I suddenly I heard a disembodied man’s voice say “I think I may have gone too far” that’s it I won’t be sleeping tonight


Anonymous asked: Why stop at one pair of tattooed eyebrows? Why not go for a second pair and become England from Hetalia

Or go for a third pair and ascend to the heavens and become one with the eyebrow god

I tried calligraphy today and it didn’t work out. Let’s just pretend it was fenris writing an angry letter to our favorite renegade mage.

I tried calligraphy today and it didn’t work out. Let’s just pretend it was fenris writing an angry letter to our favorite renegade mage.